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Generate automated alt tags in Webflow

Without manually putting in the unrewarding work.
One click for Webflow developers, designers and marketeers.

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Launching the Webflow App

When our AI model gets launched, it will automatically run smoothly in the background where it will:

Search for every asset of your project in the library

Check whether an alt tag has already been added

Review and correct the alt tags that already exist

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Let’s start

Generating alt tags

Tagify offers an overview of all images and assets within your Webflow project. It suggests and optimizes for SEO.

Automatically generate alt tags in bulk

Automated improvements at scale

Reliable and accurate alt tags up to 99%

Overview of images and its status in Tagify
Edit manually

Efficiently modify and rewrite alt tags

With Tagify you are always in control. Not satisfied with your generated alt tag? Improve or rewrite the automated suggestions at any given time.

Update and modify auto generated alt tags

Get recommendations based on your image

Preview of an alt tag applied to an image in Tagify
Ai alt generator

Discover Tagify's potential! Try it yourself.

To try how Tagify AI generates alt tags for your images, copy the link of an image hosted on Google, Unsplash or any other image platform and paste it into the generator below.

Generate alt tag
Alt tag created!
Try another one
It seems this URL isn't recognized by our generator. Please try another image link.
It seems this URL or image isn't supported.  Please try another image link.
“description”: “a woman in a metro station
“confidence”: “96
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Overview of images in TagifyOverview of images in Tagify

Built by Webflow professionals

A tech innovation from ++ addmore, born out of the need for a more efficient way to manage alt tags in Webflow.

Headshot of team member Robin
Robin Waroquier
Headshot of team member Jens
Jens Deryckere
Full-stack Developer
Headshot of team member Patrice
Patrice Van Delm
Frontend Developer
Headshot of team member Philippe
Philippe Delfs
Product-led growth
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Tagify.ai - Generate automated alt tags in Webflow | Product Hunt
Dashboard of Tagify
Dashboard of Tagify

Frequently asked questions

Discover wat people on the list wanted to know about Tagify.

When is the beta launch expected? 

The initial beta release of Tagify is scheduled to be available in the Webflow App Store in  2024.

How does Tagify ensure the quality and relevance of its automated alt tags?

Tagify leverages the advanced capabilities of Azure AI to ensure high-quality and contextually relevant automated alt-tags. This integration allows Tagify to understand and interpret the content of images with a high degree of accuracy, ensuring that the generated alt-tags are not only precise but also meaningful and SEO-friendly.

Are there any types of images or content that Tagify cannot process?

Tagify is adept at handling a wide range of images. However, it may have limitations with extremely abstract or unclear images, where generating a meaningful alt-tag is challenging even for advanced AI.

Is there a limit to the number of images that Tagify can process in a single project?

In the beta version of Tagify, users will have the capability to generate alt-tags for an unlimited number of images.

What languages are available for translation in Tagify?

Currently, Tagify only supports English for alt-tag generation. However, we have plans to add support for multiple languages in the future.

How much time can I save using Tagify for alt tagging?

With Tagify, you can expect significant time savings in your Webflow projects. Our automated alt-tagging eliminates the need for manual input, allowing you to generate and optimize alt-tags for all your images in just a few clicks.

How to get in touch?

Have a question about Tagify? Reach out to us at tagify@addmore.be or any inquiries.

Interested in becoming a Tagify partner? Please contact us at tagify@addmore.be to explore partnership opportunities.

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Tagify is a Webflow App for Webflow developers, designers and marketeers.

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